Capitalize on Data Democratization in Your Organization

September 15, 2015 Chelsi Linderman

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Information is the currency of democracy in an organization.

In today’s agile market, the luxury of C-level only data decisions is waning. Companies need to be able to make decisions in a matter of hours, minutes and even split seconds—and these decisions must be made at all levels of management.

Big data promises the information all of those management levels want to drive their decisions, and companies have more data than ever before. So it is natural that demand is accelerating across organizations for better and faster access to that data.

But wider democratization of data comes with a caveat, of course you want the employees in your organization to be able to access the data they need, you just want them to use it responsibly.

After all, according to Harvard Business Review, “Studies show that knowledge workers waste up to 50% of their time hunting for data, identifying and correcting errors, and seeking confirmatory sources for data they do not trust.”

To truly embrace data democratization takes practice and preparation and a few good tools, but the investment of time and effort and resources will put your data to good use for all those that need it.

Join Ben Gaines, Senior Product Manager at Adobe, and Craig Scribner, Analytics Expert at ObservePoint, as they discuss how to manage your analytics data using new flexible tools in Adobe Analytics and data quality assurance practices in a free webinar this Thursday, Sept. 17, at 11:00 AM PT.

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Learn how to:

  • Create curation workflows that allow you to share rich, interactive workspaces
  • Ensure everyone has all the data they need, and none of the data they don’t
  • Establish an ongoing auditing procedure to make sure your data is telling the truth


If you are ready to capitalize on data democratization in your organization, register for this webinar today.

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