Can You Trust Your Digital Marketing Data?

August 10, 2015 Kara Frazier

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Digital marketing is all the rage.

So why are marketers hesitant to increase their digital budget?

According to Nathalie Tadena, they simply do not trust the numbers.

In her article, “Marketers Say They Would Spend Even More on Digital Ads If Measurement Improved,” Tadena reports that over 70% of marketing executives would like to increase their digital budget, but that they want to be sure they can measure the ROI before they take the plunge.

According to the article, “More than 40% of respondents cited big data as the largest opportunity facing marketers this year, yet ‘they don’t feel confident in navigating all of the data that’s at their fingertips,’ said Aaron Peterson, marketing manager at Millward Brown Digital.”

The world of Big Data and web analytics is complex and constantly changing, so measuring the ROI on digital marketing efforts is not an easy feat.

Then comes the issue of ensuring your data is accurate. This is where a Data Quality Assurance Platform is key. Data quality assurance measures serve as an insurance policy for your web data. With better data governance you can address the points Tadena raises in her article.

Are you ready to look deeper into your data?

Next Steps…

Learn how to qualitatively govern your data and prove ROI for your digital spend by reading, “Data Quality in the Digital World.”  A collaborative effort between ObservePoint and Eric Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified, this white paper offers a response to Tadena’s observations.

This white paper outlines 10 tips to gaining more trustworthy data:

  1. Assign Ownership for Data Quality
  2. Define Governance for Data Quality
  3. Deploy a Robust Tag Auditing Platform
  4. Set a Rhythm for Scanning
  5. Audit Data Collection Once, Twice, Three Times
  6. Create Proactive Alerts
  7. Scan Globally, Act Locally
  8. Confirm Complex Integrations
  9. Leverage Audits for Documentation
  10. Prevent Data Leakage

Read “Data Quality in the Digital World” and take the recommended actions to trust your digital marketing data.

Image Credit: Dubzz Digital Marketing


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