Automate Your Development Workflow with the ObservePoint API

September 21, 2017 Jack Vawdrey

This post highlights a recent presentation by Jeff Tucker and Ken Holladay at Validate 2017, a data governance boot camp hosted by ObservePoint.

Technology has advanced to the point that disparate platforms can communicate with each other, transferring data and triggering events. Thanks to APIs, developers can configure software to meet custom needs for optimized workflows and greater efficiency.

ObservePoint’s API makes it possible for ObservePoint users to access ObservePoint data and features when and where they need it. Using easy-to-understand API documentation, developers can automate processes for a variety of use cases—leveling up their data governance.

Here are some key points shared by Jeff Tucker, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Ken Holladay, WebAssurance™ Product Owner, at Validate 2017 as they spoke about ObservePoint’s robust API:

Build relationships across teams

Data governance is a cross-functional discipline. As such, a variety of stakeholders will need to get involved. Whether you’re approaching data governance as a developer or as the end user of data, it’s important to build relationships with everyone who has their hand in the pot.

Determine your objective

While there are almost endless possibilities to ways you could utilize the ObservePoint API, first-reaction opportunities or low-hanging fruit may not be the best allocation of resources.

As with all strategic decisions, start with the “why.” Prioritize and select which API use cases best support the business objectives of your organization, considering which teams and processes would be impacted by each particular use case. Then begin to discuss the possibilities with relevant stakeholders.

For a list of potential use cases, check out the ObservePoint API Use Cases blog post.

Map out the technology process

After you have defined the goals of your API project, you need to identify the stakeholders who will support and influence the success of your project.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to map out the business process that is a candidate for API integration.

For example, if you want to use the power of ObservePoint’s API to automate the submission of “bugs” that need to be addressed when something in your implementation code breaks, you might map that chain of events where a bug is first detected, then submitted to an issue-tracking software like Jira, then resolved by a developer. As you examine the process chain, ask yourself what part of the business is impacted by each event.

API Integration = Cross-Functional Data Governance

In data governance, as in any other discipline, automating repetitive tasks will save you time in the long run and reduce the chance for human error. The ObservePoint API can help reduce manual processes and give time back to developers, analysts, quality assurance professionals and all other data governance stakeholders.

Validate 2017 is a hands-on, technical boot camp where data governance teams and analytics professionals hone their digital analytics skills and learn to drive more results with their marketing technologies. Learn more about next year’s event.


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