Adam Greco: Being Successful in Analytics

October 20, 2016

“I have lots of opinions when it comes to web analytics, web analytics implementations and especially those using Adobe Analytics,” Adam Greco, Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified, readily admits. “Whenever possible, I try to impart lessons I have learned during my web analytics career so [others] can improve things at [their] organizations.”

And Adam Greco has, undoubtedly, learned a lot.

With a career that has spanned numerous analyst and consulting roles, at companies like Omniture, and Analytics Demystified, Greco has run the gamut of analytics challenges and successes. Of his own journey, Adam Greco says:

When I worked at Omniture, I was tasked with “saving” accounts that had gone astray. I encountered many accounts that had either a dysfunctional web analytics program or implementation. In my time serving this role, I came to see many common characteristics of those who were having problems and identified specific ways to address them to get clients back on track.

After I left Omniture, I joined as the head of web analytics. In that role, I encountered similar issues, as the implementation and program had many of the same problems I had seen while at Omniture.

While at Analytics Demystified, I have continued my mission to help ailing web analytics programs and had the good fortune to work with some great clients. These clients have entrusted me to show them how to bring their web analytics programs back from the abyss or to improve good things they are already doing. Working with the great partners at Analytics Demystified, I have been able to learn and improve upon things I have done in the past.

Such extensive experience lends itself to generating valuable, universally applicable web analytics lessons, and Greco has passionately shared his knowledge with others in the industry.

On November 17th, 2016, he’ll do so again in his keynote address with attendees of the virtual Analytics Summit  (now available on-demand).

The event draws together 30+ web analytics leaders and is broadcast online, so registrants can attend at their convenience and at no cost.

Greco’s keynote, titled simply “Lessons Learned About Being Successful in Analytics” is anticipated to cover a wide range of high-level and immediately actionable web analytics tips and tricks in areas from working with stakeholders, to reenergizing your implementations, to accounting for change management as your analytics program evolves.

Adam Greco’s keynote can now be viewed on-demand.




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