2016 Mobile Analytics Trends—Are You Ready?

January 4, 2016 Rob Seolas

As January approaches, so does the opportunity to take a look at your marketing department and its efforts. The first month of the new year is all about foreshadowing, goal setting and strategizing to create a master marketing plan for 2016.

In most companies, despite persistent financial pressures, marketing executives are expecting to spend more money this year on digital efforts, and deciding where to invest promises to be an exercise in discretion.

However, according to Forrester, the mobile mind shift will become increasingly more important in 2016. Companies cannot afford not to treat mobile as core to their whole customer experience. Investing in the appropriate technologies to deliver on consumers’ soaring expectations will be required.

To effectively capitalize on the mobile app acceleration, you need to gain insight into how your consumers interact with your mobile offerings and anticipate what they want before they realize it themselves.

In 2013, only seven percent of respondents from 100 companies of 1,000 of more employees indicated their organization had a fully implemented mobile app strategy.

In 2015, 52 percent of respondents claim to have a fully implemented strategy. – Mobile Maturity Survey, Red Hat, Inc., November 2015

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Rob Seolas

Rob Seolas co-founded ObservePoint in 2010, helping grow the company from a lean startup to the global leader in analytics and tag governance, that today serves enterprise clients worldwide. Thought-leader, life-enthusiast and successful entrepreneur, Rob has more than 15 years of experience leading innovation in the digital marketing space. Quick to point out that he was fired from every job where he didn’t work for himself, Rob previously co-founded and built iLeadMedia, which was acquired by Think Partnership. Today, Rob is an authority in mobile and web analytics and business who approaches digital marketing and analytics challenges with the passion and energy of a visionary leader. With extensive experience in startups and private sales investments, Rob leads ObservePoint in redefining the role of digital data quality in business strategy across all verticals.

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