A Practical Strategy for Mobile App Analytics

May 23, 2017 Jack Vawdrey


Mobile app analytics is key for companies entering the mobile space. On no digital platform is the user experience more important than on mobile. This is particularly the case with mobile apps, which constitute 86% of mobile media time.

Users see apps as an extension of themselves, of everyday interactions and substitutes for traditional analog methods. The smartphone is a steno pad, a clock, a financial planner, a weatherman, a shopping list, a wallet, a camera, a library, a digital filing cabinet, a clothing store, a teacher, a matchmaker, a bookkeeper and more.

The shift towards all things mobile puts pressure on companies to get their piece of the pie.

But a major issue for enterprises wanting to enter the mobile space is that users’ tastes are often more advanced and sophisticated than these same enterprises are prepared to cater to.

Mobile applications have been around for some time now, and with so many out there to choose from—2.2 million in the Apple App Store alone—mobile users have unconsciously decided that they will only dedicate their time to the most engaging apps.

As excited as companies may be about the mobile revolution, they do not have the correct analytics mindset centered on metrics that really matter.

John Lovett, Senior Partner of Analytics Demystified, said:

“The race is on to deliver mobile experiences that surpass traditional digital channels by drawing customers in, captivating their attention, and bringing them back each time they pick up their mobile devices. Yet, all too many organizations rush headlong into app development without considering how a mega-hit app can result in mega-success for their company. Traditional mobile app measurement metrics like downloads, opens, and crashes tell us very little about the actual business success of the mobile app.”

Building a mobile app analytics mindset is the best preparation for entering, pivoting in and dominating in the mobile space.

In the upcoming online Mobile Analytics Summit, John Lovett will be one of 25+ mobile thought leaders offering insights on how to make waves in the mobile space.

Lovett will be presenting “A Practical Strategy for Measuring Mobile App Success,” helping companies rethink their mobile app goals and define a meaningful strategy for mobile success.

Register for this free online conference to refine your mobile strategy.

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