Bill Bruno's Analytics Neat Podcast: ObservePoint + Strala

March 4, 2020

Here at ObservePoint, we were glad to have our recent acquisition of Strala’s touchpoint management and attribution technologies featured on Bill Bruno’s Analytics Neat Podcast

Bill Bruno, VP of North America for D4t4 Solutions, is an analytics veteran with over 18 years of experience in the marketing analytics space. Bill has served as the CEO for Stratigent, which was purchased by Ebiquity in 2013—where he remained CEO of North America until 2018. Additionally, Bill serves on multiple advisory boards for companies in the analytics industry. 

The following is a transcript of the ObservePoint/Strala acquisition segment of Bill’s Analytics Neat Podcast episode. 

Analytics Neat Podcast with Bill Bruno: ObservePoint + Strala

ObservePoint is a mainstay in the analytics industry. They sponsored many of my Stratigent conferences back in the day. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them for years. They have a great team. They do quite a bit to try and help you validate various data-capture technologies that you have live on your web domains. 

And there’s also a company out there called Strala, and they help with the standardization of data for things like campaign tracking. I honestly had heard the name before but was not super familiar with their products. Some of their products are called Touchpoints, JourneyStream, and Prism. Cool names. And those are three that ObservePoint has acquired and brought into the family earlier this month. 

So this makes sense to me. Data quality is a huge issue. We’ve talked about it quite a bit here in the archives, and the maintenance is even worse for tagging. So when you look at campaign reporting, which is typically managed by third-party agencies, you also run into all kinds of standardization issues. And there are a lot of technologies out there that try to standardize campaign reporting. 

But based on what I’ve seen from Strala, this is a really good acquisition for ObservePoint. Because now they’ve enhanced what they can offer customers, and they’ve pulled in a variety of products to help with this sort of “before you get to the owned channel issues” that are pervasive in tagging-based technologies. It’s a great move. 

I applaud the buy vs build approach here as well because there’s really no reason to try to reinvent the wheel. The Strala platform, from what I’ve seen—at least from the website and what I’ve heard from others—is quite well done. ObservePoint has come a very long way over the years, and I think that the customers will benefit from this. 

If you’re relying on a lot of tagging-based solutions and you’re not using ObservePoint, then you’re missing out because they can very much simplify—or at least try to highlight—a lot of the maintenance issues and a lot of the inaccuracies that happen with tagging. They’re not going to help you tag everything or help you capture all of the data, but now they are going to help you try to standardize all of your campaign reporting. 

So at least if you are relying on some of these archaic approaches to tagging, you’ve got a way to try to get out in front of that. You’ve got a format that you can now use to hand to your agencies from a campaign perspective and try to really just centralize it all and try to keep it all standardized because that is a massive issue in the industry. 

So kudos to ObservePoint.

[End Transcript]

Big thanks to Bill Bruno for the shout out! 

Capture Every Touchpoint. Ensure Quality Data. Uncover Attribution Insights.

Strala’s products—Touchpoints, JourneyStream, and Prism—will help you: standardize data before you even start collecting it, automate campaign tracking and touchpoint management, and provide deep insights into your attribution and ROI. ObservePoint enables you to test and validate all your data collection technologies to ensure accurate data. Together, these technologies provide you with industry-leading solutions and processes for performance measurement across marketing channels and the entire customer experience.

To find out more about how ObservePoint and the new Strala offering can benefit your business, schedule a demo.

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